Bonac 24 Irish Gin

Been a while since my last post. This gin is in my collection from a trip to Europe.

Bonac 24, front

Bonac 24, back

Bonac 24 is a London Dry gin distilled by a father and son from Wicklow, Ireland.

What I like about it are the fine notes of mint and a very anise-heavy palate. Smooth and easily drinkable. Overall, it does not attempt anything too adventurous but achieves a fine balance of botanicals for a round and fresh gin.

The distillery has some tasting notes of its own:

The Nose: Fresh top notes of green leaves with floral hints and mint sit nicely on the nose

The Palate: Classic juniper gives way to lingering spice and evocative earthly notes mingled with citrus

The Finish: A good base of green fruit provides a refreshing aftertaste with warm and sweet anise notes


4 stars

Glad to have it in my collection.