Ha'penny Dublin Dry Gin

After a quick detour to Mexico, we’re solidly back in gin land!

This bottle of Ha’penny Dubin Dry Gin I picked up in… well you probably have a guess.

Ha'penny gin, front

Ha'penny gin, back

From a distributor:

Small batch pot distilled using only the finest botanicals, inspired by the Victorian Walled Garden of the Phoenix Park, Dublin. The infusion of 13 unique botanicals gives Ha’penny Gin a little taste of Dublin perfection.

  • Nose: Juniper, coriander and slight citrus
  • Palate: Subtly sweet, juniper, slight citrus & floral
  • Finish: Juniper, floral, orange, fresh berries & lingering sweetness

The strong juniper notes are a sure sign that this gin does not want to stray far from its London Dry cousins, but it also has a distinct floral “heft” to it. Almost, as I assume the kids nowadays would call it—but what do I know—dank.

This floral body is pleasant and encourages a pretty wet martini that Churchill certainly wouldn’t approve of, but he will have to deal.

Overall a solid gin that carries its main flavors throughout, without risking to be too fancy for its own good. Four stars.


4 stars