Gables Gin

Today I wanted something slightly more bitter, so I dug through my collection to find an appropriate gin, not too opinionated (or expensive). Here’s what I found.

Gables Gin is made by McMenamins (the chain of brew pubs in Oregon) at their Cornelius Pass Roadhouse location (hence, C.P.R. Distillery).

Gables Gin, front

Gables Gin, back

From the makers:

This handcrafted, small-batch gin is made in a century old Alambic still, which captures the delicate flavors and aromas from a carefully selected blend of imported and homegrown botanicals.

Made from a base of organic wheat alcohol, this also features eight botanicals: Juniper, Coriander, Orris Root, Oregon Grape Root, Sage, Chocolate Mint, Rose and Yarrow. The resulting gin is full bodied and floral with flavors of juniper, citrus and rose.

We bottled this at 88 proof (44% alcohol), which seems appropriate – there are eight botanicals and the distillery view is of an eight-sided barn.

The gin itself is soft, floral, and inoffensive, which makes it both great for a casual martini and in a cocktail of choice.

And so, looking for a little inspiration online I found a Hanky Panky which combines gin and plentiful sweet vermouth to hide the aggressiveness of Fernet Branca.

Instead, I used Kashmiri Amaro, another outstanding local creation, an amaro made with Indian Chai:

Kashmiri Amaro, front

Kashmiri Amaro, back

… and turned it into:

Kashmiri Hanky Panky

If you’re not afraid of the bitterness, don’t hide it and go easy on the vermouth.

Stir over ice, strain into a coupe glass. Enjoy.


3 stars

Can’t go wrong with it.