Freeland Spirits Gin

Stumptown is a marvelous place for a gin aficionado. I came across Freeland Spirits, a women-owned distillery founded in 2017. They make two spirits so far, a bourbon and this gin.

Freeland Gin, front

Freeland Gin, back

From the makers:

Freeland Spirits Gin is small batch crafted using a unique blend of traditional heat distillation along with vacuum distillation, which allows us to use fresh, Pacific Northwest ingredients. Fresh herbal essences of rosemary, mint and crisp cucumber lift the nose. Grapefruit and lemon peel brighten the brisk juniper and bold spice. Pink peppercorn, coriander and star anise mingle with 10 additional dried botanicals in the copper pot still.

As I often do for a first taste, I made a dry martini, which ended up beautifully cloudly (hello star anise), bright and smooth on the palate with a lingering taste of medicinal forest herbs.

I like the simplicity of the classic ingredients, the dry profile without any trace of harshness, and yet a remarkably botanical finish without burying the juniper under a flowery blanket.


5 stars

A remarkable gin, and a delightful addition to my collection.