Beara Ocean Gin

One of my recent additions, this gin was chosen for me and laboriously muled across the globe by a kind acquaintance in their luggage from Ireland. Hat tip for the diligence and tenacity.

Beara is a peninsula at the southwest end of Ireland, in counties Kerry and Cork.

Beara Ocean Gin, front

Beara Ocean Gin, back

From the distillery:

The Atlantic Ocean botanicals that we use in our gin include salt water and sugar kelp, which balance nicely with the freshness of juniper and zesty citrus aromas, while cardamom, angelica and orris root add to the complexity.

I know what you’re thinking: Atlantic sea water. Talk about a dirty martini…

But hey, it works, and the rather subtle saltiness plays well with the herby citrussy body, and lingers nicely on the tongue for a little while, just long enough to figure out how long it’s been since you last took a walk on the beach. Conversely, it’s almost like they couldn’t decide if this needs an olive or a twist, so why not both? I like the hint of an opinion, I’d like it stated proudly even more.


4 stars

A fine gin. If I gave half stars, this would probably be a four-and-a-half.

Oh, and it needs an olive, definitely an olive.