U Massicciu

After a little gin posting hiatus, let me introduce you to a rare bottle:

U Massicciu (Corsican for the massif) is the only gin made on the rugged Island of Corsica in the Mediterranean sea.

As is often the case with hyperlocal products, the Internet is quite scarce about it, though they are on Facebook (they got 5 likes okay) and are posting pictures of their gin and the most delightful liqueurs made of the citrus fruit of the countryside.

The gin itself is subtle, mediterranean herby, and will fare as well in a dirty martini as in a gin and tonic. As all Corsican drinks, best paired with fine, chestnut-finished pork product.

U Massicciu

U Massicciu


4 stars

While they are not doing anything outrageous, it’s a well-balanced, complex gin and a fine piece of work.