Ungava Canadian Premium Gin

Welcome back! I took quite the break there, because the world was on fire etc etc, but lucky for you I am not out of gin. Let’s look at a fine bottle together. I picked it up, when I was still flying places, on a layover in Canada.

The first time I showed this bottle to anyone they inquired, perhaps predictably, if I was really sure no one had micturated into the bottle before selling it to me. Haters gonna hate.

But don’t let the curious color fool you. It’s a fine gin from the North of Canada (the District of Ungava is in modern-day northern Quebec).

Ungava is infused with six botanicals from the region: Arctic Blend (?), Cloudberry, Crowberry, Juniper, Labrador Tea, Rose Hips – resulting in its rare color and giving it a lot of spice and heat and freshness in a way that I really like.

Ungava can stand in its own in a martini, has a very juniper-heavy nose and the aforementioned spice, but I think it would also do well in a Negroni or G&T without risking overwhelming sweetness.

Ungava Canadian Premium Gin, front

Ungava Canadian Premium Gin, back


5 stars

Maybe I am just getting soft, but you know what, I’ll introduce this one into the hall of fame. A fine gin, that I can wholeheartedly recommend.